Competences, experience, innovative thinking and ideas that counts… we’re committed to your nees, shedules, times and dates.

livedepartment is your fullservice provider for the live-entertainment industry and has been providing crewing operations for over ten years to national and international promoters, event agencies, tv- & broadcast projects and production companies.

We provide our clients a high quality array of crew and offer support for every kind of event ranging all the way from a 300 person crew at a stadium tour to a single stagehand at a one-off club show.


two own branches in Rosenheim and Augsburg


four network partners and cooperations in germany


permanently employees in technical services


temporary employees in the logistic sector


2008 ES COMPANY was founded as an union of the two freelance companys of Timo Seifert and Ferdinand Erben. This company provided crewing operations and security services for events.

2010 We expanded our services and founded with our partners the crew-agency offices in Rosenheim (greater area munich), Lübeck (near Hamburg) and Coburg (near nuremburg).

2013 We started a joint venture company and sell cloud software solutions that we have developed for crew companies to manage their scheduling and accounting activities. These services are available to lease.  to the software website

2015 In december 2015, to reflect the expansion in the services that we provide and in reason of legal issues with the company name, we changed our name from ES Company to livedepartment.