Every liveproduction like concerts, open airs and festivals need a big range of manpower for all departments. Livedepartment providing crewing operations for productions of every kind and dimension – from a 300 person crew at a stadium to a single stage hand at a one-off club show. Our clients have expressed their appreciation for the reliability and high quality of the services we provide.

livedepartment is the leading crew agency in the greater area munich and  supports as an local crewprovider more than 300 concert and live productions for our clients.

We can provide a high quality array of crew: stagehands, steelhands, operators for forklifts and telescopic forklifts, climbers, scaffolders, riggers, sitehands, sitecoordinators, carpenters, props, office assistants & production assistants.


Our local crew is well experienced with the common venues in munich (for example: Olympiahall &- Stadium, Zenith, and some popular clubs). We provide a high quality array of crew.


Professional experts for liveproductions: qualified and experienced spotoperators, truss-spotoperators, show- & change over crew, stagehands ..


Wide experience and knowledge in munich with following sites: Olympic Stadium, Coubertinplatz, Königsplatz, Odeonsplatz. Our sitecrewpool: sitehands, sitecoordinators, Forkliftoperators and teleskopic forklift operators.


Professional local runnerservice and artist support. Our Pool: Preshopping Service, production runner, catering runner, crew- and airport shuttle, truck and transportation service.


livedepartment ist qualified and well experienced with steelcalls at liveproductions and stage construction. Crewchiefs, steelhands, scaffolders, forklift operators.


Dressing room assitants, wardrobe assistants, office assistants, production hands, crewcatering Assistants, crewcatering, tailors …