As a local service provider for our customers, we serve more than 200 concert and live productions each year and are one of the leading providers in this segment.


At every concert production, at open airs and festivals, plenty of manpower is needed for the numerous trades. We coordinate and plan the personnel requirements for productions of all types and sizes – from open air in the stadium to a small club show. Our clients appreciate us as a reliable, flexible partner and benefit from our many years of experience in handling concerts and live productions of all kinds. Our local crew is very familiar with the venues in Munich. (Olympic Hall, Olympic Stadium, Zenith Hall and various clubs)

Stageservice & local crew

Crew- & stageservice for concerts and liveproductions.

  • Stagehands, Loader, Pusher
  • Forkliftdrivers, Crewchiefs
  • Climbers, Scaffolders

Runner & Shuttleservices

Professional runners, preshopping services & artist shuttle.

  • Cateringrunners, preshopping,
  • Productionrunners
  • Crew- and airportshuttle

Technical Staff

Experienced technicians for live productions.

  • Spotoperator, Truss-Spot Operator
  • Change Over Crew, Showcrew
  • Stagehands

Crew for touring

Professional Staff for touring productions.

  • Production Assistants
  • Tailors
  • Catering Assistants

Sitecrew for infrastucture

Sitecrew for set up of event sites.

  • Forkliftdrivers, Telescopic FL Drivers
  • Sitecoordinator, Office-Assitants
  • Sitehands

Stage- & Scaffolding

Steelcrew for tower stages, and layherstages on any dimension.

  • Scaffolder, Riggers
  • Forkliftdrivers, Telescopic FL Drivers
  • Crewchiefs

Production 100

2015 we made it into the “Production 100 Listing.” In the magazine renowned production companies and their decision-makers name the world-wide local service providers that you most recommend.